Video: 'It Got Pretty Scary,' Says Fox 2's Maurielle Lue, Home After Covid Hospital Stay

April 09, 2021, 12:09 AM

Fox 2's Maurielle Lue

Fox 2's  Maurielle Lue, who has been keeping viewers up-to-date on her battle with Covid, said Thursday she had returned home after being hospitalized more than a week.

She feels better, but still fatigued and can't do a lot, including care for her dog. She also said she's not sure where she contracted the virus.

"I don’t look like what I’ve been through. I feel so good," she tells Fox 2's Huel Perkins during a virtual interview from her home.

"It is so good to be seen, first of all, because there is such a mental component when you deal with Covid-19, especially when you have to be hospitalized. The love, the well-wishes, the phone calls from my FOX 2 family and from viewers definitely got me through. It got pretty scary." 

"The fear (was the worst part), especially being here alone. I had a positive diagnosis just, like, three days before my birthday so I’m already devastated. I’m following all the CDC rules and guidelines. I was quarantining inside my house for nine days.

"On day 10, when the CDC would say you could go back out and rejoin society, that’s when I really started to feel worse. My fever started to spike, it hit 103, and then the next day, Monday, it was 104. I was home and I started to hallucinate. I knew something wasn’t right."

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