Video: Family Never Mentioned Baby in Burning Detroit Home, Authorities Claim

April 17, 2021, 8:59 AM

Screenshot from Fox 2 video

Detroit firefighters say they were puzzled when fighting a fire on Detroit's east side earlier this month and they rescued an 18-month-old girl inside. They claim the four adults who escaped the home made no mention of the infant, Fox 2's Randy Wimbley and David Komer report.

Authorities took the child to the hospital on April 5. But instead of returning her, they turned it over to police and social services. The home was in 11800 block of Riad Street.

An investigation into the child's welfare is underway, the station reports.

The fire department told Fox 2 that four adults managed to get out of the house including the baby's adoptive mother. Firefighters say that none of the people told them there was a child in the crib wrapped in blankets, only that there were dogs in the basement.

A neighbor tells Fox 2 that the mother did tell the firefighters, but they must not have heard.

"She did repeat herself, 'I got 10 dogs and a baby in there,'" the neighbor said. "So I guess they didn't hear or whatever, but I saw all the action because I was standing right there."

Fire Department Battalion Chief Mike Nevin insists residents "never mentioned, never once mentioned, a child in the building."

"We noticed that, we felt that there was a possibility that the child had been neglected," said Nevin. "Not only neglected, we noticed the possibility of some bumps and stuff on the child."

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