Love on the loop: How Detroit Grand Prix helped couple find 'aerodynamic and unstoppable' connection

June 13, 2021, 9:00 AM

Jeff Zawalski and Deb Alrutz in 2019. (Photo: Facebook)

Annoyed you can't get on Belle Isle this weekend and have to endure months of construction on the park each year? Take solace that Grand Prix fans are having a nice time and two were even brought together by the event. 

WXYZ introduces us to Jeff Zawalski and Deb Alrutz, a couple that met while volunteering for the race, with help from some impressively corny metaphors.

Three years ago, the thunderous roar of the engines was drown out by the beating of (Zawalski's) own heart - pumping faster than a twin-turbo V6 with four-stroke piston under the hood of an Indy racecar, every time (Alrutz) walked by.

Their connection was instant, like a high performance IMSA car spark plug.

“I would sneak over to the closed bathrooms. I said it was because I wanted to go to the nice bathrooms, but it was because I wanted to walk past him,” says Deb laughing and leaning into Jeff.

He worked keeping people safe crossing the bridge between paddocks; she kept people fed and well hydrated during the three days on the track.

Their newfound love was as aerodynamic and unstoppable as a Detroit Grand Prix driver conquering curves at 180 miles an hour.

The piece ends with a ticket link for those "looking for a new love."

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