Metro Detroit Burger King Worker Charged with Aiming Gun at Drive-Through Customers

July 31, 2021, 11:56 PM

"Have it your way" was once the motto at Burger King. An employee in Livionia apparently didn't buy into that. 

Worker points gun (Photo: Livonia Police Department)

Burger King worker Dustin Rocheleau of Garden City faces eight felony counts, including allegations he pulled a gun on drive-through customers on Seven Mile Road in Livonia on April 28, Livonia Police say.

Police allege Rocheleau, 24, pointed a handgun at three customers during a payment method dispute. The patrons drove off and called police.

Rocheleau fled on foot, but police said officers managed to arrest him and found a handgun in his backpack. He's schedule to appear in court Thursday.

A police media release doesn't say if he's still with Burger King.

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