Detroit Police Search for 2 Men Who Shot at Pursuing Officers

May 22, 2022, 12:53 PM

(Photo: Detroit Police)

Detroit Police are hunting for suspects who fired shots Saturday and struck a squard car with officers inside. No one was hurt.

The incident happened around 4 a.m. near Davison and Dexter when two men in a late-model black Ford Fusion with silver rims fired multiple times during a pursuit.

The front passenger was a white male with no shirt and black ski mask and the rear passenger was a Black male with a 9 mm handgun. The rear passenger was wearing a dark hoody with writing on the back, black pants with a white stripe, white sneakers, and a black ski mask. 

"The brave officers continued the pursuit after their squad car was damaged by bullets. Thankfully, they were not injured," a police statement says.

“These are the heroes on the frontlines who continue to bravely serve our community in the face of danger," Chief James White is quoted as saying. "This heinous act is irresponsible and could have taken the lives of the officers and innocent bystanders."

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