Trump's PAC Gave Michigan Lawmakers Donations Beyond Legal Limit. 8 of 9 Haven't Returned Excess Money.

July 29, 2022, 8:04 AM

Former President Trump

Michigan's campaign finance law limits political PACs from giving candidates more than $2,100 apiece in state Senate races and $1,050 in House races.

But Donald Trump's "Save America PAC" in December gave $5,000 each to nine candidates in Michigan running for the state legislature, Bridge Michigan reports. Legally, they are required to return the money to the PAC.

To date, only one of the nine have returned the money, Bridge Michigan reports, citing the latest campaign filings. That means $33,450 of the $45,000 donated must be returned. 

The Secretary of State’s office tells Bridge that the first step will entail the department sending out notices to the campaigns. 

State Senate candidate Mike Detmer, a Livingston County businessman, is the only one who has returned the excess donations, Bridge reports. 

Candidates who have not returned excess contributions, according to Bridge, include: 

  • Jonathan Lindsey, a Jackson County veteran running for state Senate
  • Matt Maddock, a Milford state House representative
  • Jacky Eubanks, former Trump campaign staffer and Macomb County resident running for state House
  • Kevin Rathbun, a Shiawassee County veteran running for state House
  • Angela Rigas, a Kent County resident running for state House
  • Jon Rocha, a Marine veteran running as a write-in candidate for state House
  • Mick Bricker, an Ottawa County resident running for state House
  • Rachelle Smit, a former Martin Township clerk running for state House




Eight of nine Republicans endorsed by Donald Trump for state legislative races have not returned excessive campaign funds from Trump’s Save America PAC in December, campaign finance reports released this week show.

Save America, registered as a political PAC in Michigan, is limited by law to giving candidates $2,100 apiece in state Senate races and $1,050 in House races.

But in December, the PAC gave nine campaigns $5,000 apiece, as Bridge Michigan first reported. Under state law, $33,450 of that $45,000 counts as excessive funds and must be returned, according to state law.Michigan law limits 


The Michigan Campaign Finance Act

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