Beaumont Health CEO John Fox Got $10.2 Million in Compensation When he Departed in 2022

January 11, 2024, 4:09 PM by  Allan Lengel

Beaumont CEO John Fox

John Fox, the CEO who oversaw the decline of Beaumont Health, received $10.2 million in compensation in 2022 when he departed. It was same year the Southfield-based Beaumont company was taken over by Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, MLive reports, citing IRS filings.

The merged health care systems are now known as Corewell Health.

Mark Geary, spokesman for Corewell Health, confirmed the $10.2 million amount to MLive. He told Deadline Detroit via email that "that's it," meaning Fox won't be getting additional compensation beyond the $10.2 million.

Fox had been long courting a suitor to merge with, knowing when that happened he would depart with a big payout.

He came to Beaumont in 2015 from Emory Healthcare in Atlanta when Beaumont was considered a first-rate health care system. During his tenure, it slipped in stature and the system lost prominent surgeons and physicians. Insiders said the quality of care also declined.

In 2020, an anonymous survey completed by 1,550 doctors at Beaumont’s eight hospitals revealed that nearly 60 percent of them “strongly” lacked confidence in Fox and his COO Carolyn Wilson, according a column by Eric Starkman of Deadline Detroit. Nearly 20 percent of the respondents said they “somewhat” lacked confidence in senior management.

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