Mitch Albom on College Protests: Some Earnest, Some Vile and Antisemitic

May 05, 2024, 2:02 PM

Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom, a Detroit Free Press columnist who is Jewish, weighs in on the college protests around the country, writing in Sunday's column:

In the end, this campus fever was about many things, some of them earnest, some of them pathetic, but only one of them vile and terribly dangerous: the elimination of the only country on earth that calls itself a home to Jews, and the hostile backdrop of antisemitism behind it which left Jewish students across the country studying online, hiding their yarmulkes and Jewish stars, or weeping on school staircases, wondering how bad this will get.

Go back to Poland? Final Solution? Murdering Zionists? We wouldn’t tolerate that for any other minority groups. Why on earth have we been tolerating it up till now?

He begins the column:

If you are Christian, that there is only one nation in the world where you are the majority (instead of more than 150). And nearly half the Christians on earth live there. Or if you are Muslim, and there is only one country where you are the majority — instead of nearly 50 — and half the world’s Muslims live within its borders.

If you are Black, imagine just one country where you are the dominant race, and half of the world’s Black population shares the space. Same thing if you are Latino or Asian. Now imagine if college campuses across America were screaming for your country’s elimination. Your one country. Your only country. And you watched those protests grow in size, in hate, in violence, and wondered why so few people were defending you?

Then you can begin to sense how Jewish people felt these past few weeks.

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