Domestic Violence Charge Dropped Against Detroit Media Personality Charlie LeDuff

May 14, 2024, 9:50 PM by  Allan Lengel

Charlie LeDuff

A domestic violence charge against Detroit media personality Charlie LeDuff involving his wife was dismissed Tuesday in 45th District Court in Oak Park on the day he was supposed to stand trial.

Judge Jaimie Powell Horowitz dismissed the charge at the request of the prosecution after LeDuff's wife, the key witness, who was subpoenaed to testify, decided to plead the Fifth and not say anything.

During a hearing, when pressed by the judge as to why, the wife said she feared incriminating herself.

The wife's attorney Symantha Heath objected to her client saying more. But the judge pressed the wife to explain, saying her comments would not be used against her.

LeDuff's wife told the judge she'd been drinking and pushed her husband because she was angry that he came home late. No other information was offered in court as to what happened after that. 

On Tuesday night, LeDuff, 58, commented to Deadline Detroit:

"I love my wife, I love my life and that's all I'm going to say."

His attorney Todd Perkins said in a statement to Deadline Detroit:

"I am happy for Charlie and his wife. I know his separation from his family has been very difficult for him, as I am confident that his family felt similarly. Having been dutifully mindful of the court's orders, he has been unable for almost five months to speak with his best friend. I thank him for trusting me to help him and represent him through this difficult time."

As part of his condition of release after his arrest last December, shortly before Christmas, LeDuff was barred from living at his Pleasant Ridge home with his wife and daughter. He is now able to return.

LeDuff worked for the New York Times, and won a  Pulitizer Prize in 2001, along with some other Times journalist for a series. "How Race Is Lived In America." He later went on to work for the Detroit News, Fox 2 and Deadline Detroit before returning to the News as a weekly columnist for a stretch.

After his arrest, he put his weekly podcast, The No BS News Hour with Charlie LeDuff, on pause. 

In his podcast, The No BS Newshour, in late December, LeDuff said:

"I love my family. I've been married over 30 years and they're the only thing that's really important to me. And yes it's true, I was arrested for a domestic allegation at my home this past week and that's all I can really say about things right now. It has to work its way through the legal system. But I thought you should hear it from me and your good thoughts are appreciated."


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